So I finally got a little time to work on my blog here & so (of course) I found myself creating a food blog.

That’s right, a rather empty exists! I’m going to be using that site to post my cooking & recipes.

At some stage I’ll also post some things about writing here again. For now, I’m trying out different themes, so don’t be surprised if the layout & style changes from time to time! I’m not entirely happy with the one I have as I write this post.

It’s been quite a ride these last few years. I’ve been through a separation, a resultant long period of not writing, had some therapy, made some new friends, done a lot of work trying to understand myself, been diagnosed with ADHD, wrote a short story that I self-published in HARD COPY (a first for me), went vegan, discovered a love of cooking, &…well…apparently started a food blog!

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